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Project X – Tools


What tools we use:

Project management & communication
Slack – what else 🙂
Mobile phones – surprise!

Bitbucket – private repo for free
STS IDE – I like IntelliJ more and use it for Android dev, but STS is for free
IntelliJ IDEA CE – Combine spring boot + gradle = no need for IDE Spring features
Postman – They’re sharing collection features is just awesome
SequelPro – Trying for the first time
HerokuApp – Runs locally, has simple and working deployment for spring backend and vue frontend. It’s free, at least for the dev and testing stage
Veutify.js – Frontend framework for all the admin parts

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Project X – Same same but different


Same story different project? Almost … this time it was just MAD.

Project idea is good, SW dev team is not that good … quite common. And customer faces the same issues as anyone else … wrong communication, low quality, missed or no deadlines etc.

Architecture plan is build well but the code is something else. I haven’t see structural PHP code since 2000 … but hey it’s still exists and develo… no some people still use it to build large projects. How that can work? How can you start building project without any framework in these day?

Let’s start from scratch … the backend part is a quite simple API with larger DB but not expected any performance hypes. The framework selection is simple Spring boot with it’s REST+JPA support: http://spring.io/guides/gs/accessing-data-rest/ and SQL db … let’s use MySQL … why? We don’t expect any high traffic and performance issues so there’s no need for Oracle (sorry guys) and from other SQLs the MySQL is my favourite.

Previous team spend almost 2 months to create same backend and simple administration/view layer but in the end there’s no API. How can you build an API and in the end you don’t have any API? :-O

So my estimate for same job (+API will exists) is 2-3days … let’s the fun begin 🙂

Day: 0, Developers: 1

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I’ve just built brand new customer feedback solution … more info coming soon

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One of my latest releases it’s brand new social network Hobbymesh.

More details soon …

And I’m sorry this MVP currently supports Czech language only 🙂





Uber like solution for motorcycle-taxis in Uganda.

More info soon …

Link: Safeboda.com

New HR App for Android


I just finished another interesting Android app. App helps HR recruiters and applicants to choose proper questions/answers for interviews. Obviously this app is connected to REST api, also uses Facebook SDK to login users and has some additional small features.

Used libraries, frameworks, apis etc.:

– Retrofit
– OrmLite
– Facebook SDK

Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-23-03 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-23-08 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-23-20 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-23-26 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-23-45 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-24-09 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-24-23
Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-24-43 Screenshot_2016-05-25-10-24-55


New stats website for simcredit


Enjoyed using Google charts:
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 15.35.21

New android app for TEDx Ostrava


I was really busy last few weeks but still I was able to create a new app for TEDx Ostrava (conferences … you know). The whole team worked hard on it and we made it in quite a short time period … this was done in a few days.

unnamed-6 unnamed-7 unnamed-8 unnamed-9 unnamed-10 unnamed-11



Check on Google play 


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New billing interface in Cambodia


This was a hard job … long, mostly about getting a proper information to be able to implement new billing adapter for new Huaweii billing interface by one of our operators 🙂


And results? They look eg. like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 13.10.28


But it works cool!

Sentt iOS app


One simple iOS app released … currently it’s for Cambodian users only (sorry:-)